Eye cosmetic surgery is the procedure of removing excess sagging skin around the eyes that appears with age or due to genetic or unhealthy behaviors. Eyelid cosmetic surgery is not only performed for cosmetic purposes but can also improve vision in some cases. In this article, Dr. Ammar Nasr explains the details of eyelid cosmetic surgery using laser, the candidates for this procedure, and the expected outcomes.

Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

Eyelid cosmetic surgery, also known as eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, is a type of cosmetic surgery that addresses droopy eyelids. It may involve removing excess skin, muscles, and fat. As a person ages, the eyelids stretch, and the supporting muscles weaken, leading to the accumulation of excess fat around the eyelids, causing drooping eyebrows and the presence of fatty bags under the eyes. In addition to the appearance of looking older, severe skin sagging can also affect peripheral vision, making upper eyelid surgery a recommended procedure to eliminate these sagging conditions.

Eye Cosmetic Surgery

Drooping eyelids affect the aesthetic appearance of the face, making a young person look much older. Droopy eyelids not only impact the aesthetic appearance but can also lead to difficulties in vision due to their effect on the visual field. For these reasons, cosmetic eyelid surgery has emerged as a simple procedure performed under local anesthesia. Its aim is to modify the shape of the eyelid, remove excess or redistribute fat to restore the natural beauty of the eyelids, enhance the beauty of the eyes, and restore proper vision. However, how is eyelid cosmetic surgery performed? Does it have any risks or side effects? Will there be any traces of the surgery after the procedure? Follow the following paragraphs to find the answers.

How is Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery Performed Using Laser?

Eyelid cosmetic surgery is a simple procedure with significant and impressive results. Dr. Ammar Nassar explains that the surgery is performed by following these steps:

  1. Diagnosing the patient and subjecting them to a physical examination to discover the extent to which drooping eyelids affect the visual field and to identify the real reason behind the sagging, whether it is due to natural aging or other factors.
  2. Making a precise incision in the eyelid to get rid of the existing sagging.
  3. Removing excess fat cells or redistributing them to give the eyelid a natural appearance.
  4. Adjusting the position of the muscular tissues to tighten the eyelid and make the eye look younger.
  5. Placing the tear glands in their natural position, as they may be the cause of drooping eyelids in some cases.
  6. Removing excess skin from the eyelids that was obstructing part of the visual field.
  7. Cosmetic stitching of the surgical incision to leave no trace after the eyelid cosmetic surgery.

Cases Requiring Eyelid Lift Surgery

Eyelid lift surgery is one of the significant cosmetic surgeries, but it requires certain conditions to be properly performed. Some cases that require eyelid lift surgery include individuals who want to get rid of signs of aging and want to highlight the natural beauty of their eyes. It is also suitable for young people who feel extremely embarrassed due to the appearance of their eyelids not matching their age. Other cases include those suffering from swelling in the upper eyelids, with the possibility of forming what is known as “pockets.” Additionally, individuals with excess skin in the lower eyelids or the presence of fatty bags under the eyes.

Outcomes of Eyelid Lift Surgery

Through eyelid cosmetic surgery, the patient gets rid of one of the most significant signs of aging, highlights the natural beauty of the eyes, and achieves clear vision after the visual field was affected by drooping eyelids. This procedure provides immediate results, as the patient notices that the shape of their eye and eyelids becomes natural and harmonious with their facial features after the recovery period, which usually takes no more than two weeks. Thus, the patient achieves both cosmetic and functional outcomes in a single procedure.

Advantages of Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

One of the main advantages of eyelid cosmetic surgery is that it does not require general anesthesia; it is fully performed under local anesthesia, avoiding many known risks associated with general anesthesia. In addition to this feature, the procedure has other advantages, such as:
1. There is no visible surgical mark on the eye after the operation. The doctor may use laser to create the surgical incision on the eyelid and then close it with cosmetic sutures in a way that hides the stitches in the eyelid folds, making them not noticeable.
2. The patient can return home on the same day and resume their normal life.
3. The recovery period takes about two weeks.
4. It increases the person’s self-confidence, as previously drooping eyelids were a source of embarrassment and annoyance.

Conditions that Eyelid Lift and Cosmetic Surgery Can Treat

Eyelid lift and cosmetic surgery can address the following conditions:
1. Loose and sagging skin around the eyelids, affecting the visual field.
2. Bulging fat deposits in the eyelids.
3. Bags under the eyes.
4. Drooping lower eyelids that reveal the white area below the iris.
5. Excess skin and fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids.

Before Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery, the Patient Will Undergo the Following:
1. The doctor will inquire about the patient’s medical history, asking about any health conditions, medications, or issues like thyroid problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, or eye problems.
2. A comprehensive medical examination will be conducted, including vision testing and tear production evaluation.
3. Imaging of the eyelids from various positions and angles will be performed to determine the ideal surgical approach and evaluate the potential outcomes.
4. Discontinuing medications that could cause bleeding.
5. Avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption.

Steps of the Procedure

If the patient is undergoing the procedure for both upper and lower eyelids, the doctor will start with the upper eyelids. They will make an incision along the eyelid fold, remove excess skin, muscles, and fat, and then close it. For the lower eyelids, the doctor will make an incision just below the eyelashes, remove excess fat and sagging skin, and then close it after the operation.

Aftercare Instructions for Eyelid Lift and Cosmetic Surgery Include:
1. Using compresses on the eyes.
2. Gently cleaning the eyelids and using prescribed eye drops.
3. Avoiding eye strain or any physical exertion for a week.
4. Completely avoiding smoking.
5. Avoiding rubbing the eyes.

Are There Any Risks to Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery?

Eyelid cosmetic surgery does not involve serious complications when performed by a specialized eye doctor. However, the patient may experience some minor side effects such as temporary eye dryness, slow adjustment to natural eyelid opening and closing, and slight bruising around the eyelids for several days after the operation.

In conclusion, you can consult Dr. Ammar Nasr, an ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, through the contact details provided on the website or visit the nearest available clinic.